Marko Joensuu is a former journalist who has worked for the last nineteen years with the media and publishing ministries of Kensington Temple, a large, multi-ethnic congregation in London. Over the last few years his special focus has been media mission. He is married to Daniella and they have a son, Joshua.
Marko graduated from the University of Tampere in Finland in 1995 with a Master's degree in Social Sciences. Currently, he is doing his doctoral research in journalism at the University of Tampere. He is a member of The Society of Authors. He also runs Joensuu Media Ltd, a media and publishing company.
John Starr has pastored churches in the south and north of England and ministered interdenominationally in many countries. He is a teacher and trainer who passionately believes in equipping the saints for the supernatural priesthood and prophethood of all believers. He is sought after as a mentor to embryonic and practising church leaders. 
He is married to Lynette and together they rejoice in three daughters
and six grandchildren.
John Starr has written Facing the Future and The Most Compelling Adventure. 
David Muyiwa Adeola is a prophetic teacher with the passion to equip the Church to bring national and global transformation through prayer and intercession.  He travels extensively around the world to teach the principles of prayer and prophecy.
David and his wife Adekunbi Adeola are the founder of The Father’s Blessing, a charity that helps orphans around the world. They live in London, UK.

Rami Kivisalo, a former gangster, found Christ in prison.
His memoirs, Gangsterin Testamentti, were published in his native Finland in 2008. Rami's story has been covered extensively by Finnish mainstream and Christian media.
Rami tells his story in The Red Scorpion: A True Russian Mafia Story, co-authored with Marko Joensuu.
Claudio Ferro leads Ministero Insieme in Italy.
Claudio was born in Udine, Italy. He moved to London for work. There, after a personal encounter with Jesus he became a member of Kensington Temple, a large multicultural church led by Senior Minister Colin Dye.
He studied in the IBIOL and founded the Bethel Church for Italians in London.  He moved to Rome where he founded the church Ministero Insieme in 2002. He was ordained into ministry by Elim denomination in the UK in 2003.
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