Initially delighted by God, many Christians begin to seek a deeper relationship with him, only to be disappointed when it doesn’t seem to deliver what they have expected. If we are truthful, we might admit that God’s guidance can often seem more like misguidance, and friendship with God not nearly as straightforward as first appeared.
In The Most Compelling Adventure John Starr takes us through the journey of disappointment many biblical characters have travelled long before us into a deep place of friendship with God where we begin to understand and truly appreciate his ways. God’s unchanging dream is to elevate us to an eternity bathed in his majestic and irresistible presence. On the way we will discover
that the dark night of the soul, the wilderness school, and the way of hiddenness, are not just metaphors but necessary spiritual realities which nevertheless have the power to bring us security and freedom.
The Most Compelling Adventure is the outcome of one man’s journey spending decades pursuing the most valuable thing—friendship with God.
John Starr has pastored churches in the south and north of England and ministered interdenominationally in many countries. He is a teacher and trainer who passionately believes in equipping the saints for the supernatural priesthood and prophethood of all believers. He is sought after as a mentor to embryonic and practising church leaders. 
He is married to Lynette and together they rejoice in three daughters
and six grandchildren.

The launch of "The Most Compelling Adventure" in E5 Bristol City Church on 28 July 2019.

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