The gifts of the Spirit were given to be used in a Christian community, but soon after the Azusa Street Revival in 1906 they were repurposed to be used in a stage performance setting, as revivalists travelled with large tents, and the Pentecostals built large auditoriums that utilised new communication technologies. Because of the stage performance setting, the Pentecostals and Charismatics began to focus on the visible aspect of the gifts, seeking to demonstrate God’s power.

But the original purpose of the spiritual gifts—words of knowledge and wisdom, tongues and their interpretation, gifts of healings, faith, working miracles, prophecy and discerning spirits—was to be an expression of God’s love to His people. And when the original purpose was lost in the repurposing of the gifts to serve as an expression of charismatic power, their true power was also lost, and the Church also lost the gift of discerning spirits, as it got addicted to charismatic spectacles.
'Supernatural Love' goes to the roots of the stage performance model to disentangle a biblical model of ministry.
Genesis 22:17 says that we can possess the gates of our enemies, so that the Church can influence the destiny of nations. This is not possible without first winning the battle in the spiritual realm, and because of the lack of gatekeepers,  the gates of our cities and nations have slipped out of our hands.
Today, we need another generation willing to step into the spiritual authority that God has purposed for the gatekeepers.
In this prophetic book, David Muyiwa Adeola teaches the principles and lifestyle of a gatekeeper, so that you will be able to bring a prayer revolution into your personal life and your church, and real transformation in your environment.
Gatekeepers have an apostolic mandate to wrestle back the spiritual gates of our cities and nations, so that the Church will be able  fulfill the purposes of God.
David is a prophetic teacher with the passion to equip the Church to bring national and global transformation through prayer and intercession.  He travels extensively around the world to teach the principles of prayer and prophecy.
David and his wife Adekunbi Adeola are the founder of The Father’s Blessing, a charity that helps orphans around the world. They live in London, UK.
“I want to congratulate my friend, brother and a fellow soldier on the front line of spiritual battles for writing this book at a time when we need it the most. It is a battle training manual written by a field-tested soldier. He has honed his skills into strategies that will prove to be an answer to many of our prayers.” Dr George Annadorai
Rami was fourteen when his parents uprooted the family, moving from Finland to the mission field of Africa. Here, amid suffocating heat and dust, Rami became a kung fu master, tapping into supernatural force that gave him power he had never dreamed of. Soon Rami found his life and body taken over by the darkness. Fuelled by a demon inside of him, he soared through international criminal ranks, earning a coveted spot in the Russian mafia's inner circle, and overseeing booming drug distribution business. 
Yet the beast inside would not be satisfied. It wanted more. It wanted complete control. From the beautiful shores of Finland to the luxurious, deadly underworld of the Russian mafia, and to the deepest places of a man's being, a physical and spiritual war raged. Based on real events, the red scorpion is a modern day parable of the prodigal son.
"In this book Pastor Ferro shares the fruit of decades of research, prayer and biblical insight into the kinds of lies the enemy is telling both in Rome and other cities of Italy. This book will also help you identify the spiritual strongholds in people’s minds in your city, town or locality. The clues are everywhere, different for different places, but the answer is always the same.” Colin Dye, Senior Minister, Kensington Temple

Pastor Claudio Ferro brings a timely, prophetic message on the spiritual warfare we must wage for our cities and nation, and illustrates it through a fascinating look into the symbolism hidden into the ancient and medieval Rome's architecture.
You were designed to be full of God's Spirit and hear His voice. You were designed for supernatural living! God gives the supernatural gift of prophecy freely but you will develop and keep it only through winning the spiritual battle against your self and the enemy. The Lord's Prayer provides a balanced biblical framework for growing in the prophetic gift. Its five spiritual movements ensure that you can enter into God's presence, perspective, provision, nature and freedom. 
Based on over twenty-five years of walking and ministering in the prophetic, Marko looks at different aspects of prophetic hearing and seeing, giving practical examples from everyday life and ministry, including forty prophetic lessons he learnt when God led him to marry his wife Daniella. 'Five Movements' shows how at the heart of mature prophetic ministry is longing to live in God's presence, how to discern when it is God speaking and when not, how to interpret dreams and visions, and how to overcome the enemy that will seek to snatch away your prophetic gift.
Nathan McKinley, an archaeologist returns from a research trip in the Outworld to post-apocalyptic druidic Britain where the Order still tries to cling to power. After the underground train he travels in is blown up he discovers that his cousin Guinevere has been killed in the explosion. 

With help from Guinevere's household robot and Snyder, a contact from the Underworld, Nathan begins to ask questions about her death. 

But asking too many questions can be dangerous.

Are the ancient stone circles in the Outworld linked to Stonehenge? What is the book Sam gave to him at the Old British Library? Are human sacrifices still practiced in Britain? 

What happened to Lola in Nigeria? 

As the Solar Nations expand their territory with the launch of 55 Cancri 1, the first star cruiser that will take on a forty-four-year long voyage, the battle for the religious domination of the galaxy is on.

Can Nathan find the answers to his questions and stay alive? Does he really want to know the answers?
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