By Izzy Harrap (Author), Alison Clarke (Illustrator)
Are you fed up with children's meltdowns? Some caused by a of lack of school routine and seeing friends due to the virus? Does your child feel wobbly sometimes? Let your child ask Fizzy to magic it away.
Fizzy his friends Leo Bobo and Squeaky share how they are feeling and what they do to make themselves feel better. Fizzy asks the reader if they can copy him and begin to feel a bit better.
This children's book is for 4 to 8-year olds. Fizzy reduces children's wobbly feelings and builds self-confidence as they engage with Fizzy and his friends and do the easy, fun, physical exercises Fizzy does.
These exercises help reduce wobbly feelings for everyone who does them. Why not try them too with your child?
The book will be released 7 August but it is available to pre-order from Amazon and soon from other booksellers. 

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